About Luna Colombini

Illustrator, painter and graphic designer with experience as teacher and art director. After a BA in History of art, she specialized in visual and applied arts, with a BA in painting and a MA in illustration and professional degree as publisher graphic designer. 

In 2015 she won the illustration contest Notte di Fiaba, that brought her to work with OrecchioAcerbo publishing house in Rome. Then she started working permanently with the small publishing house Edizioni Federica as an illustrator and graphic designer.

In 2015 she also founded the art gallery Cartavetra in Florence, with the illustrator Brunella Baldi and other italian artists. 

She pubblshed and collaborated with: 

  • Regione Toscana, graphic designer

  • C&T Cross Media (Florence, Italy), illustrator

  • Euno Edizioni (Palermo, Italy), illustrator

  • OrecchioAcerbo Edizioni (Roma, Italy), illustrator

  • Intermedia Edizioni (Terni, Italy), illustrator

  • TerraNuova Edizioni (Florence, Italy) illustrator and graphic designer

  • Edizioni Federica (Treviso, Italy), illustrator and graphic designer

  • RW Lions (Napoli, Italy) lettering and graphic design