by Federica Guerretta. 
Illustration and graphic design
by Luna Colombini

Sport is a very important activity for the human being, mainly in the youngest age. That’s why the italian publisher Edizioni Federica created this book chain for kids. Every book is a manual about a different sport, with funny charachters, stories and comics, written in collaboration with a renew professionist of the subject. Each book has four sections: the first one is mainly for parents and explain how to guide the children trough the sepific sport. The second and third sections are about tools, dresse and rules of the play. The last one introduce activities and games with teaching intents.


Edizioni Federica, Treviso (Italy)

Published books

Junior gioca a golf (golf), 2016

Domi gioca a calcio (football), 2017

Niki gioca a rugby (rugby), 2017

Zaky tira di scherma (fancing), 2017

Ari va a cavallo (equstrionism), 2018

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